This is a follow-up to my post entitled "HORROR-MONES". This week, I visited my general practitioner and a gynecologist to get some insight into whether or not hormone imbalances or deficiencies are the causes for my General Anxiety Disorder symptoms (self-diagnosed). Before I get into the details of these visits, and their results, I thought… Continue reading HORROR-MONES, AN UPDATE


ANXIETY UPDATE + TMI WARNING (THERE IS TMI IN THIS POST) Somewhere on this blog, I joked about having a hormone imbalance as the root cause for my anxiety. It's something I've always kind of suspected but after my GP said that most people who come to him with anxiousness just need a therapist, I… Continue reading HORROR-MONES

when you speak too soon *sigh*

i really wanted my next post to not be anxiety related but it's almost as if i jinxed myself! my symptoms have made a vicious return, although this time around, they have manifested themselves differently, and thankfully not as severely. before i left for my trip, i was learning how to think positive and not… Continue reading when you speak too soon *sigh*

une mise à jour

so, i haven't visited here for a while. and perhaps that's because my anxiety has gotten tremendously better. i still experience it weekly as life progresses, but it's not the crippling mess that i was dealing with daily. now i have it for reasonable occasions (for example: doctor's appointments). i definitely want to write about… Continue reading une mise à jour

sensory overload

my anxiety has been slightly on the rise lately, but for a justified reason: i'm going to tahiti next sunday (also, that time of the month is near and that always messes with me). it's a surreal thought that, after not traveling for so long, i'll be there in little over a week. ordinarily, i love… Continue reading sensory overload

out of body, in with the self

  the startling thing about anxiety is how much it messes with your emotions. of course, it executes havoc on your thoughts, but not much is mentioned about your feelings. and i'm not talking the standard "frustrated" or "irritated", "scared" or "panicked" that are thrown in as symptoms of an anxiety disorder, i mean the… Continue reading out of body, in with the self

initiation to meditation

  i first learned about mindfulness meditation during a health psychology lecture during college. we watched a video on how mindfulness meditation was one of the most affective treatments for people suffering from chronic pain, an illness that is definitely not solved with a slip from a prescription pad. growing up near santa barbara, i… Continue reading initiation to meditation