ANXIETY UPDATE + TMI WARNING (THERE IS TMI IN THIS POST) Somewhere on this blog, I joked about having a hormone imbalance as the root cause for my anxiety. It's something I've always kind of suspected but after my GP said that most people who come to him with anxiousness just need a therapist, I… Continue reading HORROR-MONES


Admittedly, the title is melodramatic. In reality, I guess I'd say INFPs have the most negative stereotypes associated with them amongst all MBTI types. Many of their (our) defining traits are not societally appreciated, nor desired. As an INFP that has soaked up a ton of information online about my personality type and MBTI in… Continue reading RANT: BEING THE MOST HATED MBTI TYPE ON THE INTERNET

playlist // unrequited love

As a follow up to my INFP and unrequited love article, here are some of my most overly played songs pertaining to the topic which have helped me when I just need to float in my feelings of love lost. Not all of them are specifically about unrequited love, many of them are just about heartbreak in general,… Continue reading playlist // unrequited love

an ode to the cliche: the romantic comedy

as much as writing about anxiety helps me, i have a million other thoughts that breach my synapses daily, and the one i want to explore today is that of a film genre, one that is dying a very slow and painful death in popularity: the romantic comedy. it seems that during the eighties and nineties, the… Continue reading an ode to the cliche: the romantic comedy

when you speak too soon *sigh*

i really wanted my next post to not be anxiety related but it's almost as if i jinxed myself! my symptoms have made a vicious return, although this time around, they have manifested themselves differently, and thankfully not as severely. before i left for my trip, i was learning how to think positive and not… Continue reading when you speak too soon *sigh*

une mise à jour

so, i haven't visited here for a while. and perhaps that's because my anxiety has gotten tremendously better. i still experience it weekly as life progresses, but it's not the crippling mess that i was dealing with daily. now i have it for reasonable occasions (for example: doctor's appointments). i definitely want to write about… Continue reading une mise à jour

sensory overload

my anxiety has been slightly on the rise lately, but for a justified reason: i'm going to tahiti next sunday (also, that time of the month is near and that always messes with me). it's a surreal thought that, after not traveling for so long, i'll be there in little over a week. ordinarily, i love… Continue reading sensory overload